Landscape lenses, composition principles, color grading, beach portraits and more

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Jeremy Gray

posted Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 10:29 AM EDT

Choosing the right lens for landscape photography

What should we think about when selecting a lens for a certain landscape photography scene? This is the question that photographer and educator Andy Mumford answers in a recent video. In the video below, Mumford discusses the characteristics of different focal ranges, including wide-angle, mid-range and telephoto lenses, and how their characteristics impact the look and feel of landscape photos.

Reducing stress with nature and landscape photography

In a typical year, there are plenty of stressors we encounter. The last year 15 months? Yeah, just a bit more stressful. Photographer Adam Gibbs visits many beautiful, peaceful locations for landscape and nature photography. It’s one of the ways he helps reduce stress. Getting out into nature has been shown to make people feel happier and less stressed. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy capturing beautiful photos like Gibbs does in the video below?

5 tips for photographing different skin tones

In a video for B&H’s Event Space, photographer Petronella Lugemwa shares her tips for photographing people with different skin tones, including tips for image capture and editing. In the video below, Lugemwa offers up five tips to help you balance your editing style with true-to-life color, no matter a person’s skin tone.

Wide-angle lens photography with Mads Peter Iversen

As we saw earlier, a wide-angle lens is not always the best choice for every landscape photography situation. However, during a recent sunset, a wide-angle lens was the ideal option for photographer Mads Peter Iversen. In the video below, we join Iversen in the field as he photographs a dramatic, beautiful sunset.

What makes a great landscape photo?

Philosophical debate aside, photography, like other types of art, is subjective. Not everyone agrees about what makes a good photograph. What one person finds to be a stunning landscape image, someone else might see something only ordinary. Nonetheless, photographer Andrew Marr wants to break down what makes a good landscape photo into four principles. In the video below, Marr discusses the importance of initial interest, drawing the viewer in, telling a story through landscape photography, and generating an emotional response.

Photo composition principles you need to master

Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography says that ‘In photography, composition is an art unto itself.’ In the video below, Forbes shows off a way to think about composition that he believes will improve your photography skills.

Urban photography tips with Manny Ortiz

It can be tricky photographing in an urban environment. There’s a lot of clutter to contend with, a lot of potentially distracting visual noise. Photographer Manny Ortiz has some great tips for urban photography in the video below.

How to practice your bird photography skills

Bird photography is a very challenging subgenre of wildlife photography. Many birds are small, fast and difficult to photograph. Photographer Morten Hilmer recently borrowed a Nikon Z6 II, which is a new camera to him, so he wanted to brush up on his bird photography skills. In the video below, Hilmer shows a tracking subject exercise. If you’d like to learn more tips for improving your bird photography, check out our bird photography tips video, including eight tips for bird photography.

Choosing lenses on location

Photographer Nigel Danson has numerous high-quality lenses. However, sometimes he opts instead to travel with a more general all-purpose zoom lens. Why does he sometimes use his 24-200mm lens? And when he does, is he able to make quality prints still? Find out in the video below.

Master color grading in Adobe Lightroom

The YouTube channel Mango Street has a new video all about the Color Grading panel in Adobe Lightroom. For those new to color grading, the panel can be a bit intimidating. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s quite straightforward and lets you stylize your images precisely how you want. It’s a powerful tool.

Is Photoshop’s new skin softening Neural Filter any good?

Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect recently put Photoshop’s new ‘Skin Smoothing’ Neural Filter to the test. How does it compare to a typical skin softening action?

5 tips for better beach portraits

Summer is just around the corner, although for some parts of the United States, it feels like it’s already arrived in full swing. In a new video for Adorama, Pye Jirsa hits the beach in southern California to show five tips for better beach portraits. The video is part of the ‘Master Your Craft’ series. To see the rest of the episodes, click here.